The winery


Viña Albali is one of the most widely recognised brands of Spanish wine at an international level. The wine is available for sale through the Félix Solís Avantis network in more than 115 countries. We can enjoy Viña Albali on the five continents. Additionally, the quality of Viña Albali is endorsed by numerous international competitions. The brand is present in all events worldwide, including fairs, competitions and tastings

Family tradition: Viña Albali is the flagship brand of Félix Solís Avantis, a family group now in its third generation. The project was born in 1952, in the family home located in Valdepeñas. The current Felix Solís winery was built in 1975. One of the largest family-owned wineries in the world, it has the most modern facilities and machinery for production and storage.

Our expert winemakers combine traditional wine-growing methods with modern wine-making technology. From the vine to the bottle, the winery has the best equipment to ensure quality control in all processes.


Viña Albali is made in one of the most important areas of Spain and Europe, in the Designation of Origin Valdepeñas. The grapes are collected from the company’s own vineyards and from wine-growers of the D.O. who nurture their vines to reach the optimal point of ripeness and the best harvest conditions. The harvest takes place between the second half of August and the beginning of October. A careful selection of the grapes, before the harvest, is key to ensuring quality wines.

Enviroment and sustantibility

Viña Albali is committed to supporting values and principles linked to sustainable development. We believe that sustainability is a key factor in the competitiveness of companies. Some of the most notable projects developed include: the use of lighter bottles, the replacement of conventional energy with 100% renewable energy, and cardboard boxes made with 100% recycled paper…