Viña Albali Sparkling White- Low Alcohol

Viña Albali Sparkling White- Low Alcohol


Variety: Sauvignon blanc
Style: Desalcoholised and carbonated wine based drink.
Alcohol graduation: 0.5%

Serving temperature: Serve chilled.

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Wine made with Sauvignon Blanc grapes. After a sophisticated and complex de-alcoholization process, carbon dioxide is added to provide a persistent bubble, obtaining a very fruity, fresh low-alcohol drink that produces a pleasant mouth sensation.


The area of Castilla-La Mancha, located in the central plateau of the Iberian Peninsula, is the world’s largest vineyard. Varietal wines, grape juice and sangrias are produced in this vast wine region. Airen and Tempranillo are the most typical grapes from this area.

Tasting notes

A delicious dealcoholised white drink made entirely from Sauvignon blanc. This zesty fizzy white is full of mouth-watering citrus flavours.

Food pairing

Enjoy on its own or pair with chicken or fish.