3 special moments to be paired with wine

Do you have a dinner party and don’t know which wine to choose to avoid looking bad? Fear of ridicule in front of a demanding brother-in-law or a friend who’s an expert in finding fault – it’s quite a common situation. And often you don’t know which bottle to choose from the supermarket shelf if you don’t know much about wine.

The type of wine, region, ageing period… these are all factors that create confusion among consumers while they waste their time in the supermarket wine section.

In order to make things easier for you, we’re going to suggest that you consider the wine an additional guest at your table. A guest who turns up at the gathering and takes part without disturbing. That is when you get the perfect match of a special moment with a unique wine.


The first moment we propose is a gathering of friends from university, of members of a sports team, a reunion of a group of old friends. A relaxed dinner party with lots of tapas and canapés, little preparation and everyone eager to chat. Chilled white wines are the winners on this occasion. We propose a coupage between Verdejo grape, native to our country, and Sauvignon Blanc, the most international grape, the ‘Erasmus grape’ from France that is here to stay. Its aromas stand out like the know-it-all of the group and its freshness is an invitation to repeat the toast over and over again. Because sharing dreams with Viña Albali Verdejo-Sauvignon Blanc is quite the Match!

The second moment is a family celebration. A hard-won achievement or unexpected news that fills everyone with joy. Such an occasion deserves something special. Getting together to exchange congratulations in a formal dinner party, and enjoy the peace of mind of having achieved that long-lost goal. The same tranquillity with which the wine rests in the barrel during its ageing period. For this occasion, we recommend Viña Albali Roble, made with the Tempranillo grape, Spain’s most characteristic grape; a wine that has remained a short period of time in the stillness of the barrel cellar, resulting in a fresh and fruity wine with intense aromas of red fruits and hints of vanilla. Family celebrations with Viña Albali Roble is quite the Match!

leading to long hours around the dinner table. Gatherings of infinite complicity, in which there is no need to explain or apologise for all the time that has passed since the last occasion, because a smile and a “here’s to us” can end any sentence. Time and memories can calm the most impetuous spirits, even though something lingers. We reserve the wines with longer ageing periods for these occasions. A Viña Albali Reserva with its characteristic elegant tannins, compote notes and smooth, prolonged finish. Like those moments you wish would never end… because reminiscing about old times with Viña Albali Reserva is quite the Match!