Viña Albali reinforces its values of quality, tradition, and trust in its new campaign

Viña Albali, the best-selling Spanish wine brand in the food retail channel and one of the most internationally recognized brands of Félix Solís Avantis, has just launched its new advertising campaign under the slogan “For the things that matter.”

On this occasion, the company’s commitment to its values of quality, tradition, and trust is the main focus. In the coming weeks, the advertising spot will be shown on television and radio.

The philosophy of the advertising campaign not only aims to capture the essence of Viña Albali, the company’s flagship brand but also its values. Félix Solís Avantis is committed to quality and tradition, without neglecting technological innovation and sustainability, which has led them to make innovation one of the main pillars of their strategy.

On this occasion, Viña Albali has focused the spot on its commitment to quality, showcasing how in the production process of their wines, they prioritize respect for the environment and the land. A testament to this is their new aging cellar, which is completely sustainable, emphasizing self-sufficiency and meeting the strictest criteria for energy efficiency.

In this regard, Félix Solís Ramos, Director of Export and Marketing at Félix Solís Avantis, has explained, “we are committed to quality, excellence, and sustainability, three of our fundamental pillars. That’s why we produce our wines in our new winery, which is at the forefront of the industry and seamlessly combines tradition with modernity. Behind each bottle of Viña Albali, there’s a family’s commitment to delivering the highest quality in every glass.”

“For the things that matter,” it seeks to also vindicate the value of those everyday things, those more common moments that deserve to be cherished and celebrated. Inspired by a clear sky full of stars, Félix Solís Avantis wanted to create a wine that captured the pleasure and optimistic lifestyle of the Spanish people, giving it the name in honor of a star in the Aquarius constellation. Viña Albali is the best-selling Spanish wine brand with Designation of Origin in the food retail channel and one of the most internationally recognized. Thanks to the commercial network of Félix Solís Avantis, it is present in more than 115 countries, and its quality is endorsed by the numerous awards obtained in prestigious competitions worldwide.